Samui Land Research, Infrastructure Development

With 14 years of land for sale experience in Koh Samui, we have a clear vision of the island topographic and landscape of all the coastline and mountain side. With in deep connection with local Koh Samui and owner and local brokers. By explaining your project and it’s needs we can help you to source the correct plot of land for your Samui real estate development land :

Koh Samui Land services we can provide:

  • Samui land title check.
  • Samui land survey, boundaries and topographical.
  • Samui land plot subdivision.
  • Samui land cleaning manual or with machinery.
  • Concrete roads, gutters, retaining walls.
  • Deep well and water tanks.
  • Governmental electricity and water connection.

Land Measurements

Koh Samui land is measured in Rai, Ngan and Wah.

• 1 Rai = 4 Ngan (or 1600 m2.)
• 1 Ngan = 100 Wah (or 400 m2.)
• 1 Wah = 4 m2.
• 1 Acre = 2.5 Rai (approx.)
• 1 Hectare = 6.25 Rai (approx.)

Example of samui land boundary check and proposed subdivision

Boundary survey and proposed land subdivision
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